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We performed at the Pines Theater at Look Park for Transperformance 2011. Transperformance is a benefit for the Northampton Arts Council. Each year local acts perform as a 'Big Name' act. The theme this year was 'Royalty' (a nod to the royal wedding). St Mix performed with an expanded lineup as David Bowie/The Thin White Duke. Check out the video here:

On Sept. 20th St Mix returned to Theodore's in Springfield with a new lineup. The band now features myself on Guitar and Vocals, Kevin Smith on Tuba, JJ O'Connell on Drums and our new addition Josh Powers on Bass.

On Sept. 24th the 5th annual Ashfield FilmFest was held. I'm gonna call this a St Mix thing because our music was used throughout the show as well as in one of the entries.



What Folks are saying about St Mix:

Bob Cilman, Director of the Northampton Arts Council, on our Transperformance 2011 set:

Hi Tony,
I don't know if you saw this yet. NCTV filmed everything and yesterday they came out with your set. It is STELLAR. I hope you had as much fun as we all did listening to it. Really really great. Thank you so much. - Bob


From a fan who saw our 2010 Lake House show:

Suzi wrote: "It was the greatest mix we've encountered in a long time out. We rarely stay for the band but we couldn't leave. I like the groovy-er Mark the rockier and we both find Tubalove a super fit. Who'd have guessed it? Keep doing what you do. It works!"


From a fan who saw the St Mix solo acoustic show:

"On behalf of the Trustees of Belding Memorial Library, thank you so much for your generous participation... You were amazing!"


The Greenfield Recorder, April 21, 2011:

"Your Table Awaits"
St. Mix
A Franklin County three-piece outfit calling itself St. Mix has released a disc titled "Your Table Awaits at the Rapa Nui Lounge." Believe me when I say this is an interesting place.
It's the brainchild of Tony Jillson of Ashfield whose "lounge" looks to provide visitors with a spin on what's hip. Knowing full well that variety is the spice of life, his music is a combination of jazz, brass, the islands, rock, etc., all thrown into a blender. You'll find some familiar ingredi- ents (a twangy and playful version of "Alley Cat") and some intriguing originals ("This Boat is Sailing"). It's obvious that St. Mix is having fun and wanted to put out a disc of music that could be taken for some interesting twists and turns. Jillson wants to make sure those at the lounge are having a good time as well. Does he suc- ceed? You'll have to be the one to decide if you want to step in and place an order.

About the band

St MixSt Mix the band was founded in early 2010 by St Mix the musician, A.K.A. Tony Jillson. He had just finished a solo album, Your Table Awaits… at the Rapa Nui Lounge. This album is a collection of songs, mostly originals, inspired by the Space-Age Bachelor Pad sound (also called Lounge, or Exotica) made popular in the 50’s and 60’s. Your Table Awaits… was 7 years in the making (while working on Ostrich Farm’s 2006 release Supernatural Power, an EP by Hip-Hop Artist NTT, and other projects), and features a fine supporting cast of western Massachusetts artists.

In St Mix Jillson sings, plays guitar, and triggers samples. He has performed as a founding member of Ostrich Farm (1995 - 2006), with singer-songwriter Ellen Cross (1996-1999), as well as the Ska-Jazz band Lucky Seven (2000 - 2003), and currently plays drums, sings, and triggers samples for the dance band Benny Lava. His performing career started in New York City in the early 90‘s playing at the Knitting Factory, La Mama, and other downtown venues in the Art-Punk band Wisdom Tooth.

He has a recording studio in Ashfield, where he has produced for other local acts including the Lowercase G’s and hip-hop artist NTT. The nickname of St Mix was given to him by a former room-mate, who mistook the handwritten labels on Tony’s cassettes as his signature.

To bring this music to the stage, St Mix has enlisted the aid of Kevin “Tubalove” Smith, (Ghost Quartet), on Electric Tuba. Kevin has a wide variety of experience in musical ensembles and genres. They include concert bands; orchestras; brass quintets; brass ensembles; wind ensembles; jazz ensembles of various sizes and categories; Dixieland; blues; Americana; and his personal favorite, rock. The band also features Josh Powers on Bass and drummer JJ O'Connell. Matt Fuller (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Robert Speth (Keyboards), Dave Noonan (Drums), Dan Johanson (Guitar), and Chris Millner (Keyboards) are also occasional guest performers.

Alongside the “Bachelor Pad” sound, the band has an eclectic mix of Rock, Hip-Hop, and World-Beat styles. St Mix also dips frequently into the Ostrich Farm catalog, which has several albums of material. Some of this OFarm material has not been played live before. Their setlist will also reveal their penchant for Prog (Yes’ To Be Over), Looney Tunes (Raymond Scott’s Powerhouse), and Classic Rock (anything ZZ Top).

St Mix’s Your Table Awaits… at the Rapa Nui Lounge is available at, in both CD and Digital Download format.


St Mix LIve at Burrito Rojo St Mix and the rapa Nui Lounge Live
St Mix (Tony Jillson) on Electric and Acoustic Guitars, and sequences Kevin 'Tubalove' Smith on, you guessed it, Tuba
Live at Burrito Rojo
Josh Powers
Bass Guitar
JJ O'Connell


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The New album From St Mix

Your Table Awaits... at the Rapa Nui Lounge
Music by St Mix
Birdwaves 011
© 2010 Birdwaves Media

This album is a collection of songs, mostly originals, based on the Space-Age Bachelor Pad sound (also called Lounge, or Exotica) made popular in the 50’s and 60’s...

More about the new album here

Your Table Awaits...


St Mix: Your Table Awaits... at the Rapa Nui Lounge
Check out some Tunes

Track 1: Les Tetes


Track 6: Gooj


Track 9: Sylvia